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I have always found dates and times to be a pretty mundane concept. Time is nothing more than a constant that brings one moment into another. There are some dates that will always stand out for me, however; such as my birthday, the date I left California, and the day mass effect 2 is released. But beyond that special days and occasions don’t interest me too much. That being said ‘new years’ upset me more. It may be a new year but what is the real difference between December 29 2009 and January 2nd 2010?

New years resolutions are a very self defeating concept. The weight of the transition between one day and another which changes the current year we’re in is minimal and should have no real impact on how we go about our lives.
That being said it does help some people, especially those who have had a particularly bad year (And I’m not talk about you in the corner who put on 5lbs over Christmas, boohoo). Change can come about at the most random experiences and if that experience is the changing of the year, then more power than you.

In the middle of last year I made a few changes to my lifestyle, stuff one would expect to do on January 1st. Keep fit, eat healthy, the usual. But the change wasn’t from any specific date, it was more “I want to do this”. So I did it.
It didn’t last too long, it began to deteriorate, but didn’t manage to completely fall on it’s face. I maintained some level of exercise, I’m eating healthier and I cannot, for the life of me, remember the last time I drank a fizzy drink.
These changes will accompany me in the year 2010 and to help me out I’ll be keeping close watch on them over the next twelve months.
For anyone else interested in sudden change let me give you a few pieces of advice that I hope will help you out.

Don’t set ongoing goals

This is the most important one so I’m going to put it first. Setting an ongoing goal can be a really bad idea. Being completely immersed or withdrawn from something does not mean you have strong willpower. It’s quite the opposite. You feel the need to force yourself into something to be able to stop because you don’t trust your own self control. For example, if you eat a bunch of chocolate every day it’s a more difficult, and yet more rewarding task to set a resolution to say “I will only eat 2 chocolates per day”, instead of “I will stop eating chocolate” (Who the hell would stop eating chocolate anyway?). One of those statements is giving you the power and the choice. By saying you will only eat 2 chocolates you can opt to have none, you can have one or you can have two. By saying I will completely stop eating chocolate you are not using any real willpower. You are simply setting a rule you are blindly following. It takes a much stronger resolve to stick to the option of can and cannot than simply won’t.

Where possible set targets, numbers, dates, figures, etc. Give yourself an option and be able to look back on the weeks and/or months and see how you yourself ultimately fared rather than your prison-like regime.

Don’t set ridiculous goals

Now, ridiculous is a fairly subjective term here so I’ll have to use myself as an example. At the bottom of this post I will putting up all of my ‘resolutions’ so let me pick one out now. By the end of the year I would like to be able to understand the java and javascript language at a basic level. I don’t have any desire to seek a profession with java programming but it would be useful to be familiar with. However, I have put down I want to have a thorough understanding of the language of actionscript because it suits my interests more. Notice I made the distinction between the two languages and where I want to be with them come December of this year? This is a really important one; you should set goals you know you can achieve. There should be no doubt in your mind that what you want to do will happen, it will just take time and commitment.

Create goals which can be analysed over the past year

You want a goal where, come December, you can look back and see the progress you have made, whether you achieved your goal or not. You’ll want something to show for it. For example, if your resolution was to own and drive a car, and a year later you still don’t have one what next? Would you assume the entire year was wasted and make theĀ  same resolution for next year? It’d be better if the resolution was to learn to drive first followed by save up money to buy a car. That way if you don’t have the money for a car you can at least see how far you have come over the year. I’d like to be able to do the splits sometime in 2010 but if for some reason I am unable to, by December I should be able to physically see how close I was, and how far I’ve come since January.

New Year’s Resolutions do not start and end in January!

Don’t set a resolution that can be done in a week or a month. Do something that is bound to take at least a few months to achieve. Find a way to work it in to your lifestyle and stick to it. There is no reason why you cannot stick to it. The only things that can intervene in your personal life are people and God. If a person wants to intervene, tell them to fuck off, I’m busy trying to get good at knitting/ice skating/watching TV. If God intervenes tell him I’m really sorry about this but I am in the middle of knitting/ice skating/watching bible TV, can you relay your message to me in a vision while I am asleep tonight? Thanks.

So those are my tips for you, take ‘em or leave ‘em, those are my views on NYR’s. People rarely change, they can improve or diminish; but what makes a person who they are is unlikely to disappear over the course of a day, a week, or a year. Look to improve yourself, not change yourself. Some people don’t make the distinction between the two, but I do. I find change to be a pretty ugly word and the sooner people start focusing on improving rather than changing the better for everyone.


Essorance would like to wish all the visitors to the site a big welcome into 2010.
I’m hoping you’ll continue to follow my escapades this year, I’m hoping to spend more of my time on my site from now on.
Please don’t mind the construction works as a few things are being changed!



Essorance on 2009 Q4 gaming

The new poll contains a few of the big name games coming out in the run up to christmas. Let us know what games you’re looking forward to before the year ends.
I’m looking forward to all of them! But mostly Tekken 6! Will I even have time to play the other games with Tekken 6 around? Probably not . . .

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Essorance on WMG and music copyright

It’d be nice if music could once again be used to express oneself, but unfortunately we are in the digital era and things aren’t so easy. With so many issues surrounding copyright, fair use and all the other bullshit it’s a wonder how companies like Sony, Universal and Warner Music Groups can afford to stay afloat.




Essorance on Mass Effect DLC

Mass Effect

Check out my video review for the new mass effect DLC “Pinnacle Station” to see why I’m not a big fan of my 360’s favourite game’s new downloadable content.

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Shadow > Sonic

Shadow the Hedgehog rocked in SA2, so why did SEGA completely ruin his image with all the bullshit they released afterwards with the black and red hedgehog’s name?

In this rare footage we get a glimpse of the life of a what-could-have-been-a-superstar.

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Natalie Mendoza vs. Summer Glau


Summer Glau may have been the first of the two to enact something out of a Josh Whedon wet dream but Natalie Mendoza’s performance in ‘The Descent’ was something to remember. And luckily memories of her in that film isn’t all we’ll have as ‘The Descent 2′ release is going to hit London at the end of August.

Which of these two femme fatales do you think would win a fight/beauty contest/texas hold em tournament? Use the poll on the left to voice your opinion!

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Ronald Jenkees New Album Released


Ronald Jenkees, the youtube musician who soared in popularity after several events, one of which being hotforwords’ end music featuring a sample piece of music which was planned to be on his second album, has FINALLY released the second album, “Disorganized Fun”. It’s about a year behind schedule but the album was well worth the wait. This album is not simply music, but for me listening to it, what music is really supposed to be; and that’s vision expressed through audio.

Jenkees’ feel unnatural feel for music is put through shiningly with this incredible blend of synth and percussion.

Please visit his website and have a sample listen to some of his music. It’s simply jaw dropping!

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Make sure you cast your vote before the week finishes!

Actually, this is more of a test to see if the poll function works, but hopefully over time it can be used for some fun stuff.

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