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Ronald Jenkees New Album Released


Ronald Jenkees, the youtube musician who soared in popularity after several events, one of which being hotforwords’ end music featuring a sample piece of music which was planned to be on his second album, has FINALLY released the second album, “Disorganized Fun”. It’s about a year behind schedule but the album was well worth the wait. This album is not simply music, but for me listening to it, what music is really supposed to be; and that’s vision expressed through audio.

Jenkees’ feel unnatural feel for music is put through shiningly with this incredible blend of synth and percussion.

Please visit his website and have a sample listen to some of his music. It’s simply jaw dropping!

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Eiivl | October 4, 2011 at 7:56 am

I just checked out his music, Stay Crunchy is awesome.

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