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Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires

Dynasty Warrios 6 Empires belongs in the trash

You can view the video review for this game here. I don’t go into as much detail as it would have taken too long, so here is the unabridged version.

I played a few Dynasty Warriors games, including Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires. DW5E was a pretty good game, it did well to mix strategy and button mashing and had a deeper level of gameplay than its predecessors.

So when I heard an empires version of DW6 was being released I was quite happy! But when I started to play it my happiness was became unfounded. The gameplay right from the start was really bad. The council screen isn’t actually a council at all (As Koei would have you believe by seeing the intro to this game). It’s simply you and your ruler. No body else. What kind of a council is this? Two people? And to start with, you don’t even get a say in what the ruler decides to do. You have to level up first to counter your liege’s decisions.

The gameplay itself is really bad. The graphics were updated (About fucking time, Koei) but the animations are still horrible. The voices are horrendous, and the game wasn’t even tested. When you do an ambush attack the game completely mixes up what the base captains say. Instead of saying “The enemy!” or something like that (This text pops up) instead they say “You there, I want you to deliver this letter” . . .


This tells me one important thing about this game: NOBODY PLAYED THIS PIECE OF SHIT DURING TESTING. THERE PROBABLY WAS NOT EVEN ANY TESTING. I’d be surprised if anybody would want to waste their time testing this shit. The ambush attacks were a NEW feature so surely SOMEBODY must have tested it? No? Fucks sakes.

The sound is just as bad as I made it out to be in the video. The sound is possible just as repetitive as the gameplay. The music in other Koei games weren’t as bad (Read: Bladestorm) so why the fuck is it so horrible in the DW series of games? I don’t understand. Not only that but the sound effects are horrible, like something you’d hear in a SNES game. The characters all have two default voice sounds for attacks. Liu Bei’s are ‘Ho’ and ‘Ha’, so while you’re spamming the X button and killing off hordes of troops, Liu Bei is shouting out ‘Ho ho ho ho ha ho ha ha ha ho ho ha ha.’ Do you really want to hear that shit for 30-40 hours of game play? Fuck no.

The difference between ruler and officer is minimal and the strategy change is nil. In-fact, there is LESS strategy as a ruler (Even with the addition of the stupid card system) because you will only be attacking over and over again until you capture all provinces. A moment to speak about this: In previous games each province would have a different number of generals and troops per general. In this it’s THE EXACT FUCKING SAME in EVERY PROVINCE. All generals level up systematically at the same time and always have the same troops. So there is no point in picking where you want to attack, IT’S ALL GOING TO BE THE SAME. There is no advantage in attacking one territory over another. Why would they take out such a good system from previous games and put in this horseshit? Fuck.

The graphics do not make up for the abyssmal gameplay of this game. DW5E was a FAR better game than this. I can only assume Koei wanted to make the worst Empires game to date, and they have succeded. Congratulations, Koei.

I have nothing good to say about this game and I really cannot go on writing about it any longer because I’m going to have an aneurysm.

Imperial’s Final Score

0.66 / 10

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Jon | May 31, 2010 at 5:31 pm

Honestly, this review just sounds like a little kid raging. Granted, this is definitely not an amazing game, but it goes much farther than .66/10. Yes, there are many problems with the DW series now. KOEI needs to implement some long-overdue updates to recapture their target market and expand it. Still, there’s no sense tearing down a game with such an awful rating simply because it was a disappointment to you personally. If you aren’t a 14-year-old that struggles with anger management problems, this game probably ranks in closer to a 5 or 6 out of 10 for you. Still not very good, but passable and entertaining. And by the way, there have always been problems with officers mixing up the things they say in this series. Shit happens, and my guess is that it’s not at the top of KOEI’s list of priorities. That’s not to say you don’t have some good points, though. I would personally like to see them actually give us our own troops/lieutenants that follow us around and help us out, or bring back the bodyguards. That was cool. I don’t like the idea that we no longer get troops of our own anymore.

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