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Beyond Concept ← Download

The Idea

The idea of Beyond started one month before Fan Festival 2007 as an entrant to the video competition. I worked closely with Heather on this video to create a capturing montage of the Aht Urghan area, particularly Besieged.

The video originally started out as a single Bard travelling to the near east but was later changed to a group of 3, because that is what the game is based upon.

Once the video was complete it was called Beyond Concept and then things were changed to allow it entry into the Video Competition of Fan Festival 2007 where it was shown.

The video was called Beyond (Final) and contained different music and different/changed scenes.

The Video

I liked making this video. I wanted to do a lot more with it but because of time restraints I was forced to cut back on several effects and was also ended up in sloppy editing in parts of the video.

I will make more like this in the future. Especially with the new expansion, Wings of the Goddess, out now!



  • Celaeno, as the warrior
  • Clouze, as the white mage
  • Reconmarine, as the paladin

Filming, editing, etc.

  • Kisats


Corner Stone Cues - Forest Chase ← Download

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