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Final Justice

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The Idea

The idea of Final Justice came to me as I was walking down the street listening to various tunes on my mp3 player. ‘Captain America’s’ theme came on. It was quite catchy and I began to think of ways of how I could put this into a video.

It wouldn’t fit into any of my series’ so I begun to think of a Captain America spinoff. At the time, the first thing that occured to me was Captain America’s niches. What he represents, what he symbolizes to his readers and viewers. Then I thought ‘What does NA represent in FFXI?’. Well the answer to that is displayed in this video.

The NA community has come a long way since when FFXI was first released, but I feel even at that stage there was a bad stigma with them, mostly from Japanese players. Over time this has dissolved but the video was made in jest at some of the typical clich├ęs of NA players way back when.

The Video

Captain America (Played by Demitrius) is on a mission to spread the ‘ways’ of the NA playerbase. He will not stand for people defiling these virtues, such as eating food in exp parties, giving a party notice of absence, or shouting in japanese.


Demetrius – Captain America
Kyrn, Azagar, Suharpy, Kadaj – The Party
Ltauhmise – The Japanese Player
Filming, editing, etc
Music selection
“Captain America’s Theme” – Marvel vs. Street Fighter
“Tifa’s Prelude” – Ehrgeiz OST
Captain America DAT Costume
Corderrio of

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