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Tribute to Ninja

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The Idea

The idea for T2N came like most of my videos; with the music.

I first heard the tune on a Ling Xiaoyu montage for Tekken 5. The music was so beautiful I was taken away when I first listened to it!

From then on I decided I want to put this piece of music into a video. At the same time I was already thinking about making a video that was dedicated to Ninja, and which would display the basic elements of the job.

It pretty much came together from there on.

The Video

The video took roughly 1 week to film and edit. It was made purely in Adobe Premiere and the icons and text were made in photoshop.

It was finished and uploaded on October 10, 2006. However, a second version (T2N FINAL) was made with some enhancements on the text so it’s easier to view. T2N FINAL was never uploaded to YouTube, but it is here to download. Follow the link at the top.

All in all I loved making this video, and from the looks of it so do the fans! T2N remains Imperial Production’s most viewed video of all time!



  • Kisats

Filming, Editing, etc.

  • Kisats


Niyaz - Dilruba (Junkie XL Remix) ← Download

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